About me

In my family, food is a way of showing love.

In China with family, 1989

Cooking and eating are experiences to be shared, and prioritised! This may be the reason why I have never learnt to ride a bike, but I have learnt how to make xiao long bao. My many adventures living in and travelling to unusual places all over the world have only strengthened my belief that eating together is a beautiful and universal way to transcend barriers of language and cultural difference.

School lunch while teaching in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, 2006

I also try to make sure that the ingredients I use, the restaurants I visit, and the wines I drink are sustainable/free-range/fairtrade/ethically sourced whenever possible. The way I see it, my pleasure shouldn’t come at someone else’s pain.

My ultimate: street food in Vietnam, 2004

All the opinions expressed on Scoff & Quaff are my own, genuine and unsponsored… It’s about fun, not funds!

Cheers! Thanks for visiting!

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. love love LOVE your blog Liv! Hey your blog would be EVEN BETTER if you could put addresses / website etc of these fine places your eating at. (Oh and great photo of you too – who’s your photographer?? xx)

  2. Who better to trust getting FOOD advice from?

    I really think this blog is wonderful. Its informative and entertaining 🙂 your blog leaves me hungry for MORE ( and i just had breakie !!) .

    I would love if there is a place on the blog where i can access recipes + share some!

    Good luck with the blog Liv


  3. I really enjoy your blog Liv. Curious to know if you’ve
    ever tried the African place in Newtown called “African Feeling”? I
    had an amazing fish curry there. Some of the dishes were a bit
    ho-hum but a couple were a knock-out. Let me know…

  4. Hi! Could you please email the recipe for Xiao Long Bao/ Siu Lom Bao from the Martha Sherpa school?? Thank you!!

  5. Seems to me you are definitely the best person to choose ALL our future staff dinner destinations Liv! I salute yummy food…my waistline is testimony to it! lol

  6. Great to see another blogger out there with such a passion! As a fellow food blogger myself it is great to read the blogs of others and see that there really are people out there that take it as seriously as I do. If you are ever interested in tips, etc on how you could even make money from blogging or anything feel free to give me a buzz. I have been blogging for the past 4 years and am now relaunching and using it as a platform for my own food line. http://www.piginajar.com.au.

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