This blog is all about the pleasure of food and drink; but pleasure shouldn’t come at someone else’s pain. Responsible scoffing and quaffing means being mindful of what we consume, aware of where it comes from, and doing our best to make choices which minimise harm to others and our environment.

As a guide there are a few simple things to take into consideration when choosing a restaurant, deciding on a dish or buying ingredients for your own cooking.

  • Think about where your meat comes from, how it was raised and how it was killed. Check out this Choice guide to meat certification.
  • Don’t eat seafood which has been coded red by the Australian Marine Conservation Society in their awesome Sustainable Seafood Guide, designed by my fabulous friend, Catfish Creative. And never, ever eat shark!
  • Only buy fair trade chocolate, coffee and tea. Otherwise you could be helping to perpetuate truly hideous, heartbreaking practices such as child slave labour. Oxfam have an extensive range in store and online.
  • Don’t waste food! Make homemade stock from old vegies or meat bones, stew soft fruit and turn it into crumble, and compost everything else. See the NSW government’s Love Food, Hate Waste website for more great recipes and ideas.

The International Fairtrade Certification Mark

We can’t do everything, but we can all try to make some better choices when eating and shopping. Good luck! 🙂