• Frittata of baby spinach, pumpkin, feta and jamon

    Frittata of baby spinach, pumpkin, feta & jamon

    I began this dish thinking I was going to make spanokopita. But having no filo pastry, I added a few eggs to turn it into a frittata. I also decided to throw in some thinly sliced pumpkin to bulk it up and a few slices of jamon because, well pork products make everything better. Obviously you could leave it out if you wanted to keep it vegetarian. Continue reading

  • Baby strawberry, vanilla & maple syrup teacakes

    I love reading all the amazing posts from the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, but never planned to join in, being such a lame dessert maker. However my brother Marc gave me a massive tub of the most delicious, sweet little strawberries today, so I though I’d join in this month’s Berry Nice To Meet You blog hop. Continue reading