• Lontong with sate, cucumber and deep fried shallots

    My Malaysian aunty first made lontong for me ten years ago, and I’ve loved them ever since. In Indonesia and Malaysia they are served alongside grilled meat skewers along with chunks of cucumber and sate sauce. When trying to create a vegetarian alternative to my favourite chicken sate skewers, these delicious little pressed rice cakes came to mind. They turned out to be the star of the evening! Continue reading

  • Bò Kho (Vietnamese lemongrass beef stew)

    I made this recently as the main course at a dinner party, although I’m told that in Vietnam it is usually eaten as a breakfast dish. I’d happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s so good. As with most stews it improves overnight so it’s best to start it the day before for maximum flavour and tenderness.

    Continue reading