• Chicken with Pedro Ximenez sherry and vinegar

    Growing up, my dad used cooking sherry in many dishes including my favourite honey soy chicken wings. Consequently I now adore the fragrance of sherry and love experimenting with using it in a variety of dishes. Pedro Ximenez is a type of grape traditionally used to make sweet, rich sherry. I recently also bought a vinegar made from the PX sherry. I absolutely love the flavour and use it whenever I can! Continue reading

  • Crispy smoked paprika chicken wingettes with aioli

    This recipe is featured on Masterchef Food Hub

    I asked for advice from many people and did a lot of internet research to find out how to make my chicken wings super crunchy. And let me tell you, there is a lot of information out there. Overall, it seems to boil down to three main aspects:

    1. Removing moisture from the wings prior to cooking
    2. Using some kind of baking powder in the dry rub
    3. Roasting over a rack in a hot oven
    So, here is my version of crispy wings, using these three key elements. I used 1.5kg wings per batch, with the tip removed and cut into two (as in my honey soy chicken wingettes). Continue reading