• Sate babi bumbu kecap: Indonesian pork sate

    This dish was inspired by a recipe from RasaMalaysia and adapted for the Thermomix, with which I am obsessed. Of course, you can make it using a blender and saucepan too. It reminds me of the sate sticks my dad used to cook for us when I was little, on a teeny tiny charcoal barbecue in our backyard. I adored smothering huge bowls of rice with the peanut sauce. Heavenly! Continue reading

  • Izote Mexican Restaurant, Newtown

    Izote Mexican on Urbanspoon I would never claim to be an expert (or anywhere near it) when it comes to Mexican or South American cuisine. My only experience of either outside of restaurants was when my family lived in an apartment above a Brazilian couple when I was 9 or 10. I remember they made some delicious food, including a cracking creme caramel, but my memory ends there! Continue reading