Got our sweats on, ready to compete

Riesling Olympics at Fix St James

Fix St. James on UrbanspoonI post far more often about scoffing than quaffing, for three main reasons:

1. I can’t make wine.

2. I am not confident in my abilities to describe the flavours of wine.

3. Quaffing makes me forget to take photos and/or causes me to take blurry photos, which are rubbish.

With regard to this final point, I’m afraid this post is no exception. (You can see the clarity of my pictures deteriorate.) However, I enjoyed Fix St James’ ‘Riesling Olympics’ event so much that I am going to attempt to blog about it – I think it’s also the only time I’ve ever voluntarily participated in a sporting competition.

My dad will be so proud!

The blinded bottles at the ready

The blinded bottles at the ready

Got our sweats on; we're ready to compete!

Got our sweats on; we’re ready to compete!

Being the sporty type that he is, Guy entered the Sauvignon blanc spitting contest and came second. He received a silver medal and a bottle of Pewsey Vale Eden Riesling as a prize. Which he loves. And already has a few bottles of apparently.

The sauvignon blanc spitting contest

Guy (nearly) winning!

(Don't tell him that he's holding the medal upside-down!)

(Don’t tell him that he’s holding the medal upside-down!)

We enjoyed many delicious snacks throughout the evening, courtesy of the lovely new chef Alasdair. My favourites were the school prawns with chilli salt and aioli, the bread and the incredibly crisp and juicy roast pork (not pictured – the feeding frenzy kicked in too quickly for me to get a shot!). There were some incredibly delicious, creamy Sydney rock oysters too, but I was too busy eating them to take photographs. Obviously the Riesling had kicked in by then.


I’m happy to tell you that my palate for wine is actually not bad. During the blind tastings, I loved the Tasmanian Rieslings, spat out the Jacob’s Creek and picked two of the gold winners.

Ok, so my favourites? I absolutely loved the Josef Chromy Delikat SGR Riesling 2011 the best and also thoroughly enjoyed the Seppelt Grampians Riesling 2011 the next best. Close runners-up were the Gaelic Cemetary 2012 and the Logan Weemala Orange Riesling 2012 (the people’s choice winner).

NB: I have no idea what ‘SGR’ means, but I think I like it.

My favourites!

My runners-up

My next favourites

My favourites!

Unfortunately I can’t tell you in great detail exactly why I like them, or describe their flavours; suffice to say that they weren’t too sweet, or too acidic, and they didn’t have that ‘mouldy’ taste which I still can’t quite put my finger on. Unlike the Jacob’s Creek.

And to finish, here’s a deliberately (AKA artistically) blurred photo of the remnants of the evening. A great time was had by all! Best $35 I’ve ever spent!

The aftermath...

The aftermath…

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