Let’s Eat Thai, Marrickville

Let's Eat on Urbanspoon Fantastic, authentic, cheap and sophisticated Thai in the Inner West – huzzah! We’ve been waiting for you, Let’s Eat!

I can’t praise the food here highly enough. Every dish, every mouthful was perfect. The menu is extensive, and the specials board particularly enticing.


First choice, the special deep-fried soft shell crab topped with green papaya salad. It was even better than the green papaya salad at House, which I love, with smashed sweet tomato, squeaky beans and just enough heat to leave the lips tingling.

Deep-fried soft shell crab topped with green papaya salad

Four grilled pork skewers came next. Again, my previously favourite version (from House) was surpassed. Caramelised pork. Juicy. Sour, salty, spicy and (ever so slightly) sweet dipping sauce… Absolute perfection.

Grilled pork skewers

The ‘Tarzan in the Jungle’ curry was basically a prawn jungle curry, just a really, really good one. Gorgeous fat prawns cooked to perfection in a seriously hot and heavy mess of herbs, green peppercorns and chilli. Wow! Pow! Baby eggplants AND pea eggplants provided fantastic explosions of bitter-sweetness to make the whole dish do a Tarzan call in my mouth.

Tarzan in the Jungle

Our meal was less than $50 for two, including two Perriers and tip. Joy! I’m coming back to try the deep-fried smoked duck massamun special – and everything else on the menu 🙂

7 thoughts on “Let’s Eat Thai, Marrickville

  1. Your post contrasts sharply with some of the other posts I’ve read of this Thai eatery. Some have said the flavours are too dumbed down, but I don’t mind as long as it’s still tasty.

    • Seriously? The chef ( Polawat Danphasukul) was formerly at Spice I Am, and I found the food to be as good as both Spice I Am and House. And they certainly don’t dumb down the chilli – I love hot food and that jungle curry left my mouth on fire! I guess I’ll have to go again and test them on other dishes… 🙂

  2. Really, i thought the flavours were rather ordinary and it was expensive for the quality of food it is competing with in the surrounding areas.

    We ate here this week and I wont be going back.

    • I’m shocked! I know Marrickville is cheap, and Vietnamese is my favourite, but the food here is soo good! Ok next dinner I’ll take you to Let’s Eat, I’ll order and reblog, we’ll see if it’s a one off that my dinner was so damn good 🙂

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