Baja Cantina, Glebe

Baja Cantina on UrbanspoonWe arrived at Baja Cantina hungry and excited – I was looking forward to trying the mole here – I love love LOVE Izote’s version. Unfortunately we found the staff were a little busy/distracted/casual/whatever, and ended up waiting a while before we could order anything. Even drinks. I guess they’re students (they’re certainly not pros like at Osvaldo Polletti) and it is a casual kind of place so that’s ok.

We tried tortilla chips and guacamole to start, which were amazing. Look at the gorgeous texture of those chips! Hugely impressed. 

The calamari were also delish, with a beautifully coarse and crispy coating and a flavour-packed garlicky sauce. Yum.

The mains were less impressive. My mum and I both ordered chicken mole, which was so dry and tough I can only imagine the chicken was roasted dry then the sauce was added. Why???! The sauce was ok but really needed a dash of the lime and chilli sauce to bring out the flavours, as it was, on arrival, quite bland. The side of rice and bread were a bit ‘meh’ as well. How disappointing.

Mr Black thought his beef enchilada grande was good – not hugely above the usual, but good. And very generous at just $16.

At $85 for two entrees and three mains, the value is decent. If you’re in the area and are interested in beer, a casual and colourful atmosphere and moreish finger food, go for it! But don’t get too excited about the mole…

4 thoughts on “Baja Cantina, Glebe

    • Thanks for the correction – you can understand the error as he didn’t actually order a taco supremo! 🙂

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