PS Cafe, Dulwich Hill

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This cute cafe is a welcome addition to the area, and seems to be doing a roaring trade already. We popped in for Saturday brunch and by the time we left at 11am, the place was packed!

The OJ was very fresh and gorgeously creamy. Yum! Unfortunately, my soy piccolo was curdled, and was replaced with another – also curdled. Ick. I ended up having to settle for a normal milk piccolo, with no acknowledgement or apology until half an hour later…¬†perhaps after seeing the camera? Or am I being too cynical?!

The baked eggs were delicious, and beautifuly cooked. They were quite salty from the feta; a bottle of tap water would have been appreciated. And perhaps something fresh and/or sweet to cut through the richness… A couple of roast tomatoes would be just the thing. Maybe next time I’ll order some on the side.

The scrambled eggs + choose your own extras were pretty good too, and Mr Black enjoyed choosing his own combination. But $3 for this much spinach, $3 for this much haloumi? Add the same amount for the mushrooms, and this plate costs $17. A bit steep in my book.

The Bircher stack was beautifully presented, and very nice too – just a bit too sweet for my liking. If I ordered this myself I’d ask for no honey, as the figs and berries in the museli itself provided enough sweetness. It does look pretty though!

A nice place. I won’t be going out of my way to return, but I’d certainly be happy to try some other dishes when in the area. The salad specials sound especially enticing… BBQ octopus, beetroot and feta? Yes please!

2 thoughts on “PS Cafe, Dulwich Hill

  1. I do not agree with your comment above as i have been several times and the service has always been very good..

    • Our service was great, I just think a curdled coffee (well, two) should be dealt with a bit better. I’ll definitely have to go back for another go as I know loads of people really love this place… Must have just been an off day, and we all have those! Thanks for your comment!

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