Moon’s Fresh Sushi, Dulwich Hill

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Dulwich Hill is a fabulous suburb to live in, with Vietnamese, Thai, Lebanese, Pakistani, Chinese and Portuguese restaurants, plus plenty of excellent cafes, delis, butchers and patisseries. There are times, however, that I simply need sushi. So I am very very happy to announce that Dulwich Hill now has its own sushi restaurant!

The sushi here is very good – extremely tender fish and perfect freshly made rice. At $18 for a small sushi and sashimi combo, pictured below, the value isn’t as good as my old favourite Sushi Bar Rashai in Annandale… But it’s still worth it if you live 2 minutes walk away.

Also on the menu are dishes such as katsu, served with chicken, pork or fish, and with curry sauce if you choose. They also have some Korean dishes such as bulgogi and bibimbap, plus gyoza and – surprisingly – burgers. Mr Black thoroughly enjoyed his chicken katsu, which was super crunchy and smothered in delicious katsu sauce and kewpie mayonnaise. I enjoyed some of it too 😉

So if you’re in the area, and in need of sushi, I can recommend Moon’s. The interior is cute and cosy it’s just $1 corkage per person. Nice.

(NB: I know the fish probably isn’t sustainable. Which is bad. But once in a while is ok… And if you want to be awesome, you can ask for no tuna!)

9 thoughts on “Moon’s Fresh Sushi, Dulwich Hill

  1. I live down the road and I’m really disappointed with the pricing. I’m sad because I was hoping it would be one of our regular takeout options. It’s too exey though. Special occassion only.

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